2 chapters of MISTERIO EN EL TEATRO (bilingual) for beginners

Imagine yourself on the beach, in your garden or in a park sunbathing and reading and also learning Spanish in an easy way because you have the translation next to it.

Misterio en el teatro/ Mystery in the theater is a short story for students of Spanish beginners with translation following each chapter.

If you are get stuck on a phrase, you can look up the English translation. Or you can verify that you have understand everything because you have the translation right there.

This mystery story has 18 chapters, approximately 10700 Spanish words, plus the translation to English, vocabulary list, 85 exercises in Spanish, with the answer key to confirm what you have learned.

This is a short story with realistic dialogues and set in everyday situations.
As a Spanish teacher with 20 years of experience, I know that students need more than Spanish lessons to improve. In the story, I use the grammar and vocabulary appropriate for this level: present tense, simple sentences and simple story lines. It is accessible for a beginner Spanish reader but also provides some challenges.

This is a detective story that takes place in Madrid. Pepa, a young journalist, starts working at an agency. At that moment she does not imagine that very soon she will meet a famous actress and will help the police to solve a case.

You can download the first 2 chapters of Mystery in the Goya:


Do you want to buy it in Amazon? Here you have the link:


book for Spanish students beginners bilingual
book for Spanish students beginners bilingual

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